Cleaning Aluminum Diamond Plate Floors Using an Industrial Steam Cleaner

Cleaning aluminum diamond plate floors and kick plates using steam is remarkably easy- especially if you have been using older methods like chemicals mixed with water and scrub brushes, or even pressure washers.

They simply don’t do the job, or like in the case of a pressure washer dump tons of water on the floor.

Using and industrial steam generator, like the Xtreme Steam generators from Amerivap Systems typically fitted with a wire brush nozzle, makes the process far easier, and faster.

And, if your company has sustainability targets, like reduction of chemicals (and reduction of the containers and boxes these are shipped in) or water conservation and waste water control, industrial steam cleaners make the most sense.

Why? These units use precious little water, quarts per hour, rather than gallons per minute. Also, these industrial steam generators use absolutely no chemicals, only water. And unlike dry ice blasting, you need no special fuels.

Below you can see amazing results from this equipment. These are actual photos of diamond floors in actual factories that took only minutes and water to clean.

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